Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sirius on iPhone

So the iPhone has been out for over eight months. (I'm loving mine!) But still no sign of any software fix (or paid upgrade) to allow iPhones to stream Sirius either over the internet or the ATT connection. Technically, there is no reason it can't be easily done. With Apple predicted to announce that 5 million iPhones have already been sold next month, why wouldn't Sirius be working on this?

My guess is that they are, but they are waiting for the merger to be completed first. It was hard enough convincing the FCC that satellite radio had tons of competition from traditional radio and the internet without revealing that their programming not only can be in every car built, but also on every new cell phone.

But of course, this could be an even larger market than installed autos. Trust me, before his contract is out, you'll be able to hear Howard over your phone.

Stay tuned.


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