Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Can You Go Wrong Paying 50 Million to a Closet Lesbian?

Howard has known for many years that lesbianism sells.

So if you're trying to get people to use a new technology, go for some girl on girl action. It worked for the VCR, for DVD's, for the internet. And even worked for broadcast radio until the FCC shut Howard down.

But now that we have satellite radio, free of FCC restrictions, why not give a show to a couple lesbian chicks giving us the inside story on their forbidden love. Sounds like great radio to me.

The only problem is that the dikes XM hired was Oprah (mommy) and her submissive girlfriend, sex slave, Gayle.


Will they get 4 million subscribers to XM by using fart jokes and shit jokes like Howard? They seem to be trying, "Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty,"

Oh yeah, this crap is worth paying Oprah 50 million for. No wonder XM is in the fucking toilet. Oprah, why don't you tell us about how Gale licks your pussy and what it feels like? Or how much fun it is when you strap on and she calls you "daddy."

That will sell radios. Until then, you're good at selling shampoo. Come on, Oprah, get out of the fucking closet and we'll try to respect you again. Rosie O'Donnell already outed you on "The View." Fess up and then maybe you can earn XM some of the money you're getting.

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